Thursday, June 28, 2012


Intentionally hanging off the end of the garden fork, fighting for it's life. Looks harmless, but it's friends gave us nights of misery in the winter months and is now part of the gang to disturb our vegetable plot. I want the dogs to finish the job, I can't do it. Calling Harik, our smaller dog, over to grab the specimen. Starting to feel bad now but it's out of my hands. With a little pressure of Harik's jaw it's life has gone. Maco, our larger dog, wants a taste of the action and next I hear is the crunching. Life is sweet again. End. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


A busy week since our last post and all to do with creating something we have needed since our first day here, a little extra space.
After all the digging to provide a flat space, our imaginative first attempts of a wattled fence to prevent any soil erosion, a constant supply of wheelbarrowed stones taken from the land and building site for the base, and finally the puzzlement of vague instructions we have a tipi erected of sorts.
Long time coming as we had brought it over with us when we first arrived. But after keeping dry in it from an evening storm and then watching the sun set, it wasn't just a nice picture it created but a good feeling inside that we had made something special for us and people visiting to enjoy. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cat meets dog

A world exclusive picture from yesterday evening, our kindly donated kitten (the first new arrival at Havran since us) coming face to face with Maco. A few seconds of staring but with no noise has either heaped more fear into "Muro" or has raised his bold challenge once he comes down the ladder from the hay attic.
Of course our new furry friend has been a distraction this last week, if one of us is missing from view around the cottage, we are usually getting acquainted with Muro. Tentative steps, each day is learning curve for him but we are both nervous about his survival instincts once he is down on ground level..    

Friday, June 1, 2012


Using "yellow peril' to cut our grass is like painting the Forth road bridge, by the time you have finished it it is time to start it all again!
Now it's raining cats and dogs (literally this week with our new arrival!), the meadow has to wait until the weekend. At least the potatoes,etc will be enjoying the deluge from above as will the weeds.
Day's like these should now be spent learning more of the language but there is always something else (excuses) to do.