Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer food

Nosy mushroom pickers gobbling up every woodland growth edible to man and deer. Heat and storms traditionally bring the flock from the town and nearby to forage and then digest. But there is still our place to pass, to almost stop and stare. Like zoo animals we stare back too. We have considered opening up an english tearoom so that they can stop and stare a bit longer. But then we never have been the entrepreneur type to wish to do such a thing. 
Lots of plum droppings this year as the trees decide to yield fruit in excessive quantity. Envious eyes already from one neighbour with his distilling alcohol kit. Drunken wasps binge on the fallen if they are not picked up of the ground soon enough. Much to the annoyance to Jaffa as he tries to snap at every available buzz, their erratic flying is even more un-predictable.
Down another bird in the henhouse. One of the battered ones succumbs to an illness which we are none wise to. The others are fit and well despite the heat. An excess of treats from leftovers as the summer guests fill our compost bin.