Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mouths to feed

Eating a delicious sheep cheese sandwich (thank you Camping Lazy...) and thinking that a blog entry hasn't been written for ages! But with new arrivals coming to stay every week here we are being kept very occupied. 
And that's not just guests. Mici has brought her kindle of kittens (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_collective_nouns_in_English) home from the woodlands under the collective stare of our dogs. For our younger guests at the cottage it is another source of entertainment. 
More hungry mouths to feed (the kittens that is) could have put more of a strain on our shopping bill but we are learning to become more inventive as to what to feed our pets in a cost efficient way. Plus there more scraps from the plates of us humans here, nothing gets wasted we like to think. 
So it's back in the garden this week after a couple of months of neglect in the sleeping vegetable patch. Jungle-height weeds aplenty to be pulled out and left to rot down or burn't in the Autumn. Unfortunately a self-hidden hosepipe got stabbed the other day from a stray swing with the garden fork, extending the list of repair jobs. Another of these is our dripping tap in the kitchen which is getting on my nerves. Like a clock ticking away as the drops fall onto an unwashed plate. But it serves to remind me to stay busy and not to stray into arguments on facebook trivia whilst writing a blog entry!