Sunday, August 19, 2012


Whilst the cottage is under constant attack from our builders Jana bravely perseveres with preserves with the army size surplus from the garden.
In our first year of vegetable gardening maybe we slightly under-estimated how much might pop out of the ground.
Perfect weather has helped.
Inspired from re-runs of "The Good Life", this last week has led us to scratch around our charity haulage of old english recipe and self-sufficient related books. So far plum wine, marrow wine, marrow sirup, plum cordial, anything and everything in vinegar, kecups, tomato sauces, chutney this, chutney that..
With winter fast approaching (30C as usual today), the words 'be prepared' become more appropiate to us.

Friday, August 17, 2012


We are now available to be 'liked' as "Havran Cottage" on facebook for more news and plans for the future. 


Whilst back doors are being fitted, vegetables constantly getting preserved, and even a stove gradually getting built ready for winter, surely the big news is the outdoor toilet on the move!
Broken down like a kit-form, hoisted onto two wheelbarrows, a struggled journey to it's new, more privat 'e' location. 
Now, sitting within spitting distance of where it will stay standing, an area is being excavated ready for all the deposits.
A new seat to be fitted to separate all the ones and twos, and utilized in an organic way..
Once put back together a beautiful view from the door onto open countryside to tempt the sitter to stay longer.
The masterplan will continue with the production of a second utility built next door. Each to have a 6 month use throughout the year depending on quantity and quality control of course!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

what lays ahead

We are promised a good week of weather this week, hopefully this will prompt a decent return on the building work on the house in preparation for the winter, yes the winter! Much as we can make fun of how slow progress can be in this country, our own predicament might well be taken as a case in point too! With one cold tap still, and a stove/kitchen waiting to be built. The nights are drawing in and the clock is ticking.