Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Simple life

So we will go. Likely this year, could be next but the holiday will end soon. The appetite to do again somewhere else is there, the simple life we will pursue.
For now each day must not be looked at as a countdown, and instead to be lived to the full. 
The lengthy Winter, the shortened Spring and the early warm weather with occasional downpours has created a potential for abundance in the garden and on the trees. The local wildlife is taking full advantage and only our ageing fridge can hope to drown out the chirpy chicks nesting above our front door. The occasional splatter of bird droppings below as evidence.
The hens are ecstatic with the unrivalled freedom from there enclosure that we now leave open everyday. An abundance of lush greenery and no large dog to upset them anymore. Harik dozes throughout, with only a snarl if they dare to approach his prized dried bread roll. 
Drying herbs from Jana's various field trips scatter table space, elder soaked preparing to be syrupised. And even now my snuffling nose can't fail to notice the whiff of acacia surrounding us. It's easy to do nothing and wait.