Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tea please

What will be will be. A limbo of uncertainty brought about by cretins with an immigration vote. I shouldn't be so harsh as most were allowed an opinion in the referendum and rightly so. What it has given to us we can't predict. Learning the language could gain citizenship if a hard-line is pressed on my residency. But my wary excuses for not knowing it well enough and the english influences in the cottage don't help. My head is older and wiser on a practical level these days but knocking any memory of foreign sentence structures, verbs and adjectives through those cracks is much harder for my mind to grasp. A revision book with the basic principle language rules is great to carry with you, but of no hope when an 88 year old neighbour is explaining his latest flirty escapades.
Maybe some days the silent speech is similar to the Jehovah Witnesses that stand in the town all day not saying a word. Although I do refer to them as the modern day equivalent of cold war spies taking in the gossip when people pass. I know that they know I'm English for starters.
I've learn't how to listen to a Slovak speak a long detailed question to me and be able to reply a perfect response in the correct tense that "I don't know". 50% of the time it works and they walk away non the wiser of my origin. Another 20% though might ask something else and then it get's harder to answer the same way without cracking and showing my inept understanding (particularly if I know how I'm going to answer before I hear the question).
None of this makes me or both of us want to move. Our place is too valuable to us after five years slogging and battling. 
Maybe it's a bubble we are in but a nice one at that, and not one that needs bursting for us or the many more like us in Europe.