Thursday, May 4, 2017

management apology

It is with deep regret that we have to report a mis-management of kilo proportion. The unfortunate demise of one of our hens has been put down to a combination of neglect and broken down safety requirements. 
The culprit has been severely dealt with (no 'walkies' for a few days) but the management feel they were most in the wrong and will in future follow new procedures to prevent any further incident like this happening again. Of course we are humbly sorry and although our freezer is a little bit fuller we do not want both the ordeal and aftermath to be repeated. 
We do respect the trauma that this may have caused to the remaining brood in the henhouse and the mis-trust which obviously has developed between ourselves and them. This we hope will heal over time with more feed and treats available, as well as a new locking system on the enclosure's gate (still to be approved but likely to involve a nail, a couple of bits of wood, a screw and a washer). Hasten to add that any additional funding required will be taken out of the management's own pocket of change.
New training methods have started with the perpetrator which are already having a rehabilitating affect. This will continue throughout the summer under extra surveillance with new commands and additional granules in pockets for good behaviour.
It has been a very unsavoury episode which the management now understands was totally un-acceptable and caused a great deal of stress all round. With hindsight the extended lower fencing was not a good idea.