Wednesday, November 29, 2017


The arrival of Winter. The wood neatly stacked and sheltered, the ground is going to sleep. Our burning 'tv set' shaped stove to keep us entertained in the long evenings and distract from the outside world.
First flurries falling from the sky, earlier this year but we are prepared. The hens are all confused, the snow-hidden earth fills them with trepidation to step down towards their morning feed. There is no-hiding their dislike for this time of year. Neither our fridge which painfully hums louder, not helped by the odd mouse visitor taking refuge in the warmth behind. It's interest is in the sackfuls of walnuts still being splintered from time to time. The sweetened smell of apple jam on the stove an extra incentive to investigate.
Short days with daylight at a premium. More time to think and less to do. Escapism in too longer thoughts though is very counter productive.   
It's time to clear-out now, too much has been hung onto for future projects that will never happen. Passed down belongings and collected nonsense needs dusting down and shifting. The spider's cobs only give a fake vintage value. We don't need this baggage anymore, our next chapter is drawing closer.