Saturday, July 15, 2017


I was still getting over the shock of seeing two familiar faces in the Coop supermarket preparing to meet 30+ eager autograph-hunting school kids. Adverts of them are splattered around the store all the time promoting all things good about processed meat and cheese of folk-land Slovakia.
On this occasion it looked like it was promoting orange helium filled balloons from what I could understand. One of them with an uncanny resemblance to Jean-Paul Gaultier in pictures. But in the flesh was just an unfortunate actor preparing to be stormed by an army of 6-10 year olds on a sleepy hot Thursday afternoon. Something new for the muttering grandma's to whisper as they have their change scrutinised at the tills.
We are not the delirious type to worry about who we might see. And a week later a well known Slovak tv presenter came to stay. Not that we would have known having never owned a television from all our time here. But a picture and article in the gossip rags left behind by Jana's mum gave us the evidence and not a word must be said about her mystery man who had made the booking and was her partner in tow that night.
In the end we are all the same, like garlic bulbs.