Saturday, January 21, 2012

Construction or destruction

The builders are back and this time its more noticeable.
As we extend our kitchen into a larger living space (fit for guests coming to stay..), it has left us huddled into the one room left in the house. 
Like a studio flat from our renting days, we are amongst all that we own. 
Its certainly freshened the place up with the wind howling down through our new hole in the ceiling, we await the first mice visitors.
We have to stay positive though and think that Springtime is not so far away, warmer sunnier weather dreams to stop the cold ceasing us up. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frozen in

It's getting colder again. Wrapping up just to get out of bed in the mornings. 
Whilst the ice can make pretty patterns on windows, it is not so comfortable to find it on the inside of the pane!
Outside, the surrounding fields are glistening with the sparkly ice coating the powdered snow. 
Our sledge broke. 
I will have a go at fixing it but as this will take time and the snow might melt (unlikely, but I prefer to be pessimistic), a trip to the local 'bazar' shop was in order.
'Bazars' are secondhand shops here which vary in quality from town to town. Luckily we have our own Aladin's cave near us and we are left to choose between two superior wooden sledges to the one we broke.
Get the wax ready, we are going for another run!  

Sunday, January 15, 2012


One of the great difficulties to live here is the ability to talk back in the same language.
I am fortunate that Jana mostly chooses to speak English when we are home.
But on family occasions where I have the pleasure to see people who are close to us it can be extremely frustrating. 
Jana's Great Uncle doesn't say much these days, he doesn't need to, but like me he is an observer. We say our pleasantries and then remain contented, whilst life buzzes around us.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012



I have tried this before with similar results, a scrumptious vinegar!
Whilst I can claim to making some mistakes in the production of this supposed-to-be cider it can be pointed out that whilst we don't have a proper heating system yet in the home, it has been very difficult to get the 15-20C required for fermenting our pears with the ice on both sides of the window.
But from experience of my last batch, it does begin to taste better after a while or if my taste buds are failing again, it works really well on the compost!

Taking the piste

Whilst we don't necessarily have a 'black run' here in Havran we do have a lot of fun and it takes a great bit of skill to go with the wooden sledge. 
Having previously been non-winter-sports enthusiasts the sledge has always been the limit of our ability. So it was of great anticipation when we first moved here and saw the dusty relic in the corner of the barn that we couldn't wait for the first snow to fall.  
The skill is obviously to avoid trees on the more challenging runs. Steering is an art with your feet but without taking out the speed out. 
For added comfort for the lady an ikea bench cushion has proved a valuable optional extra whilst leisurely accelerating.
Now I have seen some ski's left behind here as well..