Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ladies of Hen Manor

15 months of wait and finally a vacant, over-grown plot has found some short-term tenants. 6 moody birds brought from a back of a trailer are now strutting peacefully and exchanging meaningful views of the very political hen world. One casual attempt to go beyond on the first day and a few lost feathers in Maco's mouth to confirm their animal instincts of the dangers of what lies beyond, we hope! 
Already friendships have formed (we like to think!) between them and us, so much so that it feels like they have been around the place always. It leaves us with a dilemma. How long are they staying? A few eggs in the summer and free-range roast in the Winter was the plan, but now they all have characters...
And how long am I staying? The British are deciding on my behalf. The plot thickens, well not where there is 6 hungry hens.