Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Parsnip soup this week. Snow joke. 5 days of snow excuses  to work outside got wiped out by an overnight meltdown a couple of weeks back. The ground, like Springtime softness to pull out our ingredients for a few lunches.
So the outdoor toilet production is back in full flow with an erection of the framework today!
A chance to better my crooked lean-to (literally!) storage hut next to the outdoor shower. The two spirit levels I have is never enough it seems. 
Each nail echos with every thump of the hammer, as one goes in another tries to escape out. Extra nails are added just in case. Some nails only make it halfway in, which are then stuck in the soft pine frame. Nevermind I keep saying, all the bodge work will be hidden with the wooden lathe exterior. But by the end of the third day of production the mis-match of recycled timber starts to resemble some box-type shape with a slightly protruding rear end. Rustic is word often used for anything we make here. 
Countless journeys from a shed to the construction site situated in a distant corner of the garden to find that right tools which now lie scattered around the new small tardis structure. Beady neighbour's eyes, when passing, have been wondering what this new item in the garden is and despite it's almost completed look still have no idea. 
What's left next is the more accurate construction of hinged doors where poo will be shovelled out.