Thursday, May 31, 2012


Great, as soon as we get new wiring for our home there's a power cut two days running. Pulling hair out as we panic about the defrosting frozen supplies in the freezer, the joys of living in isolation!
More news, we now have extended our family with a cat...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More wood

The joys of collecting wood on a day like this!
Persperating, dragging virtually whole fallen trees from the top of the field to the bottom. Next step is moving our hoard up the road to the house, all for the sake of a pretty fence around our vegetable patch (and leftovers to burn on the fire), but I'd rather keep that for another fun day here when I have my breath back.


Sunday, May 20, 2012


Back on another trip away from home to keep some sort of existence in my profession, I notice how much further behind I get with current trends and I guess I don't mind. Fed up with 'must have new' attitude that is drummed into us to feed the oil companies and Chinese economy. Looking at tablets, i-things, and bright young things with too much pocket money, I think I'm getting old fast.
Back home, I live in a country which is not afraid to ask how much money do I earn, because presumably they don't think they do earn enough. 
Over here in the London, as the pace quickens even more for the Olympics, the appreciation is more on consumerism as a way of enjoyment and escapism. Although I do prefer our new life away from all of this, my only doubt is the ever-widening gap between the two.