Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer of 15

A ridiculously steamy hot summer with the occasional stormy interlude has finally come to an end. There was very little let up in the hosting of many gorgerous people who had come to stay at our little corner of Slovakia. Different reasons revealed as to why they are either passing through or taking a few more days in Havran. We didn't care, just their company here was nice enough to escape our solitude. 
All ages, lots of nationalities and all kinds of stories and conversation shared. Lighting campfires and either contemplating the meaning of life or quietly watching the ambers burn down. Downside, no time to write any drivel on here. 
And now the temperatures have dropped and the leaves on the trees begin to age, we have the Autumnal prospect of laborious duties to be prepared for our hibernation back indoors. And as on cue, the beginning of September from 7am marked the return of the whirling sounds of echoing chainsaws. Our excited neighbour with his newly refurbished table-saw has eagerly been anticipating this moment all summer. Thankfully I might be strategically away when he starts up his new horrifyingly sharp blade and can work later in the season at my more casual pace with my orange Stihl saw (which still frightens me enough anyway). 
A garden revamp before the first frosts, with vegetable plots cleared and composted or manured. Smoke in the hills as neighbours clear and burn their cuttings.
In fact it is about now to take note on what went well and what can work better for the new year. We don't want to change too much but just enough to be able to keep going if that makes any sense.
It was so sad to take down our two tipi's for safe-keeping until next May. A whole season of acquaintances and friends made, patience required for 8 months before we can make anymore.