Wednesday, October 22, 2014

wood shed returns

What was for a few months a kitchen and social hub has been withdrawn back to it's original usage of a woodshed in preparation for the expected cold winter months. Today the temperature has noticeably dropped for the first time this Autumn and the stove of heat has been burning since breakfast time in the cottage. Only a few brave leaves remain attached to the branches of the walnut trees, the rest have either been swept away for composting mulch or left to decompose in long sodden grass. 
A visit to the town and the meat shop queue is growing with kilos of pig and cow parts bought for filling the chest freezers in time before the daylight dwindles. 
The 'death board' in the square had a raised count of 4 as the older contingent of the town dressed in dark woollen overcoats huddle round to check on the latest casualties and reflect on past times.
But our dogs soldier on, despite their age and of recently our two week absence back in the UK. When the weather turns they are first to let you know. No weather forecasting required, not long to go before the winter hits our doorstep.