Thursday, September 19, 2013

I know what I did last Autumn

It's been a while.. Whilst the calendar may say five or so weeks since the last entry on here, it feels like five minutes with the annual array of jobs that September brings.
Kittens taking their first steps across manure 'grouted' tiles covering half the kitchen floor. It is a new experience for all to have a near finished floor.
With the sunflower heads drooping in the fields knowing their season is nearly over, it is quite sad to wave the summer goodbye. It also signals the return of the wood cutting. Two days so far spent in a ravine, our unfortunate allocated location for this year given to us from the local foresters. The recent arrival of rain has led to a landslide of footprints and dragged tree trunk markings, digging and eroding what little is left behind. Not that it stops our neighbour and his ancient green tractor pulling all he can reach with his broken chains, he likes nothing to distract what he wants to do.
Two years ago I had never chainsawed, and until now I have never chainsawed fallen trees at head height right angles left behind by previous woodsmen.