Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unbroken sunshine

When your bum sweats after a few seconds in the sun you know it's hot. 
Whilst all nice to have such warm weather it is proving as much a hindrance towards work on the house and in the garden as did the winter months before. 
This has pushed the focus of attention back inside and the final strokes of lime wash are added to the open plan kitchen walls. The off-white tinge rather than the hopeful polar look can stay now as far as I am concerned after 7 attempts of adding to the wall content taking a day each to do..
DJ Playboy has his party posters up all over town to advertise his latest contribution to Slovak life, the heat is rising more this summer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lazy sunny afternoon

The summer whizzing by; guests coming and going, kittens growing, weeds growing even more but life here stands still if it wants to. 
The regular blue Travant seen in the town, beautifully dressed elders with their cooperative shopping bags, and the death board attracting the attention every friday to see who's not left in the local population. 
So what's new here? A bizarrely named 'deaf kebab' shop (complete with hearing aid symbol logo!), D.J 'flirt' party in some remote village location and constant rays of sunshine. With ever-lasting pointing of the stone on the cottage walls and countless limewash coats still to apply there is only just enough time to catch up with some relaxed swimming in the nearby lake.
In fact there should always be time made for this experience on a lazy sunny afternoon no matter how quickly the summer passes by.