Sunday, September 9, 2012


Sorry no pictures allowed where I am accommodated tonight, the airport. The joy of budget airlines at 'silly-time' o'clock as our main connection route. 
A lot has changed since I first started taking the UK-Slovakia journey, through two defunct airlines to the present experiences of everyone's favourite (according to them) Ryanair.
And it's not just the airline but the sort of passengers that take this route have changed or grown-up too. From nearly full planes of au-pairs, the odd boyfriend or two, and occasional entrepreneur to the present mix of young families with tearful babies, construction job-hunters and weekend staggers, it's funny how it begins to reflect the changes in the roles of Slovaks in both countries. And this over such a short period of a decade.
With its gleaming new terminal buildings at Bratislava, motorways finally linking and occassional Eu funded projects taking off, the next catchment for the airlines and for this country is tourism. 
There is still deadwood stubbornly resisting all the changes available in Slovakia, the sleepiness of the country can be a bit crazy sometimes, and the only acceleration you might only visually see is the Slovak car driver desperately trying to over-take you. Slowly though with more natives returning, more ideas will develop and hopefully take to realizing that the airport is not a means of escape. 
If this sounds like drivel, it's because it's late and I am tired and want to go home there too. 

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