Sunday, June 23, 2013

At your convenience

I was convinced I saw wobbly clouds last night reflected by the moonlight whilst on my way to the outside convenience (we prefer the fresh air when we are perched and the view is better too).
I may have been tired and I promise there was no alcohol or drugs involved but the clouds wobbled in front of the moon. I have even tried to find any information regarding this phenomenon but so far nothing has related.
Obviously Jana thought I was crazy which is understandable in this instance and her conclusion suggested I had pushed the lawn mower for far too many hours that day (over excitement to cut some grass after a productive visit to the hardware shop and two fixed front wheels!).
Our outside loo does have a great view though whether night or day. The privacy allows the door to be left open as you watch the countryside view.
The early morning or at dusk it isn't uncommon to see a deer munching in the fields. There are plentiful of birds all day, usually oblivious to what you are doing. And you face the sun setting on a clear summer's evening. The only issue with all of this is that you may spend longer sat there than anticipated.
As for the wobbly clouds, it is a full moon tonight and I will be taking another trip outside later.  

1 comment:

  1. Wobbly clouds - do they happen?
    Yes, they do (unencumbered by alcohol/drug/pushing the mower and any such unimaginative imagination!).
    It is silly really, to capture the abundances/overwhelmings in letters/ words.