Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I feel we are being watched and it's not subtle.
As we walk through the town we see heads turn, conversations turn to whispers, and strangers walking past become even more strange when their eyes lock contact to yours. Even when we are in the car other drivers are determined to see your face. 
I laugh it off and smile or even wave.
Back a few decades and this would have been pretty normal here, as pockets of information or mis-information was constantly passed on during everyday life. But it feels like the old habits still exist. Those preying eyes are still out there, be careful how you step and what you say. 
When we see a light aircraft flying over on regular intervals through the day my paranoia now extends to the thought that we are being documented for one reason or another. 
Occasionally a different car passes the front of our gate and slowly drives by, to where it is going we don't know. There are only a couple of houses occupied past our place and they don't own a car. 
I also believe Slovak telecom purposely censor some of the pages we would like to see when using a search engine on the internet. Constantly when we ask a question we only get a vague answer back.
Bizarrely, I got thinking that everybody hides behind the terrifyingly difficult Slovak language and that truthfully everyone speaks English. I even started to imagine the accents all our neighbours may have! Far-fetched? Well maybe, it has been a long day painting floorboards.

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