Thursday, January 16, 2014

A3S progress

Still no change outside, a few frosty mornings but nothing to add on the weather report. So we are still holding on to jobs outside the cottage. This week I decided to finally have a crack at the A3S trailer parked up in the field, after all we would like you to come and stay in it in the summer! So far the work on it has been painless and smooth, ripping up an old floor and sanding what has been revealed underneath. The accumulation of unwanted items we have for the second hand shop in the town (a room full!) have been dispatched from the trailer to a new location to make space for all this work. These include an ironing board, a frog soap dispenser and a couple of machetes..all unneeded of course. What is needed now is another piece of homemade chocolate brownie.  

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