Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bedroom blues

As an old school style photographer I never really learn't photoshop. Nor was I ever an artist in the painting sense. But even any miserable attempt was needed to provide an impression of how the interior of the trailer bedroom was going to look. Lurid colours spilled out onto the computer screen, maybe we should keep to a safe magnolia colour! Fortunately Jana has a better eye for detail and could see the potential beyond my child's artwork and rest assured I felt better. In fact I am quite excited to get painting again on it, not least because we have to get it finished before the summer rolls in with more hosting of guests. At the moment the desired paint pots are on a waiting list in the local paint and perfume drug store (a really traditional shop for all the family!). Brushstroke splashes have been put on hold until next week's shop delivery. But the promise of warm weather to come which will only aide the paints drying time, the sketchy coloured impression we currently have will hopefully become a reality, but a more subtle reality!

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