Tuesday, June 10, 2014

mixing colours

With manly chainsaws still buzzing in the woodlands I'm left to finish off a dark shade of pink paint in our vintage trailer. The 10 metre stack of wood, which has been outside our gate since last Autumn, is a constant reminder that I still have to fire the Stihl engine to clear ours before the meadow grass completely camouflages it.
But trailer painting is the current occupation, with all shades of the spectrum mixed and constantly debated on what combines with what. And now that we have a near completion on the inside, the time is right to finally display rustic bits and pieces that we have collected and have been gathering dust in our outbuilding since we first moved here. A huge task to pull everything out and everytime we do so it looks like the day when we first arrived here with stuff sprayed out on the grass in front of our gate. 
Rain has now gone away and the sun has risen the summer temperature to what we are used to. Predictably the mower decides to splutter instead of run as soon as the grass feels dry. Fortunately only a spark plug issue again, but they should be lasting longer than this?! A day of cutting awaits before attacking the jungle surrounding half the vegetable garden. Then a long June evening to be spent painting the exterior of the trailer, paint colour still to be confimed!

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