Sunday, August 31, 2014

apple pie

Having fought off the pro-caterpillar rebel forces earlier in the year we are left with enough apples to make tasty pies into the winter months. And now just waiting for the sun to shine again before the full scale harvest assault of picking begins. We had been saddened by the pro-caterpillar gains on the leaves of the plum trees despite all our ultimatums. So all the cakes, jams and syrups from the apples is a nice conclusion to all the sanctions we had to impose in the orchard at Havran Cottage. What significant further steps we need to take for the future is still undecided. But in light of what illegal border crossings these pro-caterpillar rebel forces took (with possible outer perimeter support) we know that next year we will have to act much more quickly in order to prevent another difficult fruit growing season. 

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