Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Plastic colourful flowers are compared and handled sensitively by all the regular craggy faces in the town. It is that time of the year again for all to remember who is not here anymore. Even the 'Martin Skrtel' lookalikes are not afraid to show their softer side and take a fake bunch of alyssums to a distant relative's half sister's last resting place.
Bizarrely we were told by a neighbour where the best deals were to buy some 'made in China' creations to lay in the cemetery even though we have no family connections in our town's resting place. Sarcastically how thoughtful. But then it could be read as to how important the time of year is to family and friends and is presumed for everybody. We were thankful for the advice instead.
It is also that time when serious looking head-shotted political hopefuls are plastered on every car park's billboard. Each year there is more of an edge of casualness to these pictures. We lost the jacket and tie a year ago, this time another button is undone on the shirt, but still the smile is lost. Only a smugness has come to replace stiffness that existed before. Small words and big egos, what is their connection to who is walking below? Like the 1st of November, some traditions won't change here.  
Sleep well Dad.

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