Thursday, March 17, 2016


Animal instinct. Almost drowning through soggy February with desperate, half-finished 'projects' scattering the landscape. And now a smile returns to Maco's face and the sun shines, as a full-on engaged battle to regain some normality to the look of our place resumes. 
Tasty details from imaginations are beginning to feature, quizzical neighbours don't understand.
Tools in wrong places, constantly a challenge to save time and remember where they were last placed. 
Quarrels, ideas, egos on what looks best. Usually by the end of each day tired limbs and a sense of calm prevails before we start again the next morning.
Organised chaos, and this after nearly five years here. When we are ready to move in it may be the time when we have to move out.
But for now we feel lucky to be able to do this, to experiment and make mistakes too. Nothing wrong with that.
A "not that nice" door and frame stands proudly near our front-door waiting to be sold / given away for free / driven to iron recycling or the tip. It has been in this temporary resting place for 3 weeks. We walk past it everyday and everyday we plan to do something about it. But everyday it stays in this same place as other tasks take precedence. That door and frame is a symbol of our work here. Once that door has gone, we will be ready. 


  1. just from a quick look, you seem to be having a bit of a stressful time, but hopefully as the spring starts to appear you will both feel stronger and able to finish the bitty tasks that always take the longest.. I will be back now I have found you, to see your progress through this big adventure of yours... do you also speak the language, or do they understand a bit of English... gosh you are brave to try such an unknown area even if you have your darling with you... its greatly cold here too and spring seems to not be able to stay for longer than a few days at a time, and now we are in Maytime too*** all the best, and best wishes from the UK... in the derby area..

    1. I'm sorry for the late reply. Hectic as usual out here. It was very nice to hear your comment and I will try to write more with a few less chores to do over the next few months.
      Language is the hardest part, at least on a conversation level and in particular with older generation neighbours and their slang around these parts! But we do have a wonderful escapism here which even if it cannot last forever, we are happy to have tried. Keep in touch.