Monday, November 7, 2016

Once bitten,

Left with summer memories and a boisterous puppy, a drenched woodland for cutting fallen trees and a weed heaven in the vegetable garden have occupied our workloads since then. 
A backache made from holding the chainsaw steady, safety specs on for the comfort of concerning wife and certainly not for any visibility benefit. Any average Slovak man wouldn't be seen in these or the over-sized gloves I have for that matter. The trembling whizz of the chain doesn't now frighten our young dog like it did to Maco before. Another worry when his wandering comes close to have a sniff. 
And the garden which grows plenty of unwanted non-edible as well as the edible (a forager guest from last July would disagree!). When all is dug in or taken out at this time of year, it rests close to empty. It looks at peace, the challenge has ceased until the new year's thaw.
The empty walnut trees should have been enough warning that the wandering mice will be looking for alternative food locations this Autumn. Completely conspicuous of the lazy 4 cats roaming the different sleep positions outside our doorstep, a few brave furry rodents have scratched their way into the house. Unpleasant scurrying at night has given us a few restless nights waiting for the traps to catch them. Covering up what tiny holes we find in our walls where they may have come in from, a battle of nerve and surveillance will hopefully prevail! 


  1. Havran has a very touching story but hes absolutely beautiful with his enchanting white fur and deep black eyes. i like seeing stuff like this and i would love to stay updated.

  2. Poor Harvan.. feeling pitty for him. But we are seriously cutting too much trees so rapidly for our needs that we have not thought about these animals. We are also destroying their lives.