Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chilly II

To catch up..last week was very cold, very very cold. 
The outside WC was visited as in-frequently as possible, ice froze in the dog's water bowl within minutes, our water pipe to the house had to be heat-gunned everyday for us to have any flow of water, plates and cutlery were regularly warmed up in the oven of the stove just so we could even touch them whilst eating (and keeping the food on the plate warm), a half-filled glass juice bottle left in the car froze and cracked overnight, plastic water bottles freezing in the house, our toes suffering despite three pairs of woolly socks... 
When the snow came this week (and there has been a lot more than we have had before) it was a relief. The temperature has risen, birds are singing again, our dogs are more content to roll in the snow. It feels less like Winter suddenly.  


  1. soon be summer Dave... then we will all be wishing we were there with you!

  2. We are all holding out for Spring mate. The older I get the more I hate cold!