Sunday, July 1, 2012


Cat (Muro) is being very coy about it's relationship with Maco. It is still in its early stages but the signs are good, we still have an alive cat.
The mouse population is reducing every week, whether with a garden fork but more likely these days with the nimble paws of cat.
The new spring in Maco's feet has taken away the aged-ness he was presenting after a tough cold winter. 
As the heat now persists, and the perspiration hits the brows of all creatures great and small in Havran, Maco is bucking the trend and is showing more ignorance than usual in his pursuit of little Muro.
An extra mouth to feed is easily catered for by cat enjoying the cheeky delights from the dog bowl, usually followed by a chase into it's many out-of-reach hideouts away from Maco and Harik.
After all this said does it show that we have never owned a cat before!?

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