Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ten fingers still

What could be more frightening than a couple of days with our neighbour in the woodland than spending two more at his house and a circular table saw. 
With winter only days away (snow forecast at the weekend) wood is being sawn to it's necessary lengths to keep everyone warm, or as is the case with our neighbour very warm in his furnace feeling kitchen.
I sit in the said kitchen with a pair of his pants hanging and drying above my head and three unexplained bedside clocks ticking at different intervals as I sip some black tea and contemplate what's coming next. 
The sound of a circular table saw is as scary as you might hear in horror film, with it's piercing ting after a piece of wood has been sliced in seconds. My job initially was to take the sawn quarter sized pieces as they were cut and throw them into his woodshed. Simple, just the loudness was the only annoyance. After a period of time my neighbour's back was beginning to give in to the weight of lifting the full lengths into saw, and yes, horror, a sentence that I unfortunately understood, can I take over his role..
There was no going back despite the nervousness. In one pulsating motion I had learn't how to circular saw wood and still have enough fingers to play the piano whilst picking my nose. 
Looking back my only worries should have only been about the piled high mush that i was fed at lunchtime and the consequences of that rather than a saw which even he was cautious about. 
Wood is such an integral part of people's lives here, and has been for us particularly over the last month whilst also bringing us all closer due to it's importance to all.   

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