Saturday, October 20, 2012

Other Dog

Manure is late.
Farmer can't deliver this week he says!
Old stove is cracking up, big lump of brick was taken out this morning with the ashes. Still waiting for new stove to be connected up to hot water pipes. It will be great if it get's done. 
And a dog has arrived and isn't leaving. Four cold nights and every morning we get this same sad expression at our gate. Unfortunately all the local dog homes are full, an alternative solution needs to be found next week for the little man.
A chance to get the dusty camera out this week maybe, Autumn has really arrived with all the orange, yellow and reds viewed in the woodlands surrounding us gleaming in un-seasonal but welcome warm sunshine. Chainsaws echo around, we all know how cold it became last time.

1 comment:

  1. Ahh let him in he's gorgeous and will bring you luck...he's obviously been sent for a reason...I bet your water pipes will suddenly be connected (he may be a plumber!!)

    Hope it's not getting too cold and you're managing to hold on to some autumn rays of sunshine for a while longer