Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wood collection part IV

A day with our neighbour, but just him, me and his tractor. Whilst he is keen to find any method of doing anything different to the way he does it wrong, we both knew the task ahead needed some serious consideration to trail all 20+ cubic metre to his and our homes.
So amongst the early morning mist and cool still air the first tractor load grew and grew. 
The tractor, more a character out of Thomas the tank engine than a real tractor, began it's first return journey back. 
As is normal with our neighbour friend, and I should have been expecting it as I sat on a back seat behind him with the several tonnage of wood not far beyond me, he wanted to show off. Foot down, and for once I knew how those passengers feel in the back seat of a boy racer car.
A customly drink was a welcome requirement when we reached our location. 
The day progressed well, and despite the aches and pains that will be felt more the following day I think we both almost enjoyed it. This is his and many here's favourite time of year. A necessary responsibility, a chance to prove yourself and to contribute your part to the home.   

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