Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sauerkraut soup and fish with potato salad for two days, no room for the turkey here. Homemade chocolate brownie (by moi) and a hot cuppa to round off a quiet christmas in Havran.
No rest as we strive to do more repair pointing mixture on the internal walls, sanding doors and frames to make them look older (as if they didn't look old enough already!), and general configuring of what is going to happen here next year.
The occasional game of cards or the increasingly competitive table football have been our festive treats.
Whilst Jana takes a deserved short nap with the cat, I look around this place and see a wheelbarrow next to our bed, terracotta tiles stacked in various corners of the house, two containers of sand in the bathroom, half a pumpkin left in the bedroom, electric wires still exposed in walls, several tools randomly found on the floor, an apple half eaten on a window ledge, and wood drying out in various positions near the kitchen stove, our central hub to all the chaos that surrounds. Soup was delicious by the way! 

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