Sunday, December 23, 2012


Our new companion on walks is our cat. Ever the adventurous, no tree too tall to climb.
Icy snow has hardened so much for it to be too difficult to even leave a footprint as you walk. The cat's dinky footprints so delicate as she patters along behind us. 
Sledging conditions are at a unprecedented perfect/dangerous level, so far one slightly cut nose, and one crash into a frozen solid haystack. 
As darkness falls and mist drops suddenly distant noises of crunching snow from the wilderness that surrounds us become amplified. This dares us to go beyond our gate to find the wild inhabitants. No sound allowed to be uttered as we wander up the hill above the house. Holding our breath, we listen out. A few more brief sounds and finger pointing into what direction it came from before the silence is broken by our dogs barking knowing we are still nearby and unfortunately the moment has well and truly gone. Still, a chance to trundle back home, warm the icicled toes next to the fire and reminisce  to our fearless feline who probably experiences this exhilaration everytime she goes on one of her walks. 

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