Sunday, January 20, 2013


Our pumpkin diet is taking on a new meaning, I look to my left I see a pumpkin, I look to my right I see a pumpkin. So far this week pumpkin mash, pumpkin risotto twice, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bake and fried pumpkin in breadcrumbs. A queue of pumpkins and squashes still awaits in the cellar.
Pictured is our second room wood stove, and is finally fully operational. We can now use all the space in the house even in winter! Suddenly we are pealing the woolly layers off but not quite yet. Having not had to operate with so much burning fuel before we have been unquestionably edgy about how much wood we should be using and survive with for the whole of the winter. 
Is a wheelbarrow load of wood a day enough or too much? 
Our stockpile has to last, some nights I panic and think of what else could be burn't. 
I shouldn't be worrying considering the winter huddle around a half-decayed kitchen stove from last year, this is luxury in comparison.

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