Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cold Spell

Thankfully there is enough bread and basics to last us well into next week, I didn't fancy testing any driving skill to navigate our road which currently resembles contents from a blocked sinus. I call this bum freezing temperature in relation to how cold it is when you sit on the outside loo.
Conversations with drippy noses is the norm, small entertainment for each of us to see who's drip will stay on the longest. We don't see many people pass these parts when it is cold like this.
More time spent indoors than out, keeping warmer by spending plenty of time repainting the ceiling above the stove and plastering the wall above the stove. Jana doesn't know my secret of keeping warmer yet!
Table football has been abandoned at the moment for card playing, dominoes, snakes and ladders, just about anything that I'm less likely to win at. The cold hasn't dwindled our competitiveness. 

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