Saturday, February 16, 2013


Our first sounds of twitter this year, that is from the bird variety, springtime fast approaching. The layer of snow that is left is just the soft icing of a cake. 
The relief that the winter fuel stockpile has not descended too far, the "too many jumpers on is never enough" method has worked again this winter. Not that we have been that mean with burning wood, it's just we have learn't what is enough, which goes a long way towards any philosophy here. 
That can be difficult for some people out here to comprehend. "I am a foreigner so I should be able to spend more" still unfortunately sticks. But as there is no gadget interest for either of us and only manure mixture for the wall or some pumpkin delicatessary we are becoming a boring couple to talk to! 
Rant over! I've just opened the matured marrow wine, taste is dry, very dry, distinctive.. well I like it anyway. Jana is sticking  to the liking of her sweeter apple, slightly fizzed up wine. Pumpkin eating season is slowing down as surplus gooey chunks add to the compost pile. Start getting twitchy to plant something in the garden. Then the new season will really begin. 

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