Friday, March 1, 2013


A trip out of Havran to somewhere much more populated! Off to the nearest mainline rail station. Near emptiness, doors squeak open then slam shut, echoing. A few wandering strangers, no rush here to board any trains. There's not many. 
A closed off buffet area, it probably is open but doesn't want to show it is. Kiosk with fading unopened crisp packets and tupperware containers full of unappertising treats on display in it's window.  
Huge wasted space in the enormity of the station's roof, a fantastically genuine communist gem, maybe a couple of degrees warmer than outside but with the feeling of being much colder. Dominating, and opposing whilst looking like a permanent washed out black and white photograph. Untouched for the last few decades. Probably the same woman has always been the toilet cleaner/collector of loose change in all those years.
Cheerful chimes to announce information suddenly brighten the atmosphere for a few seconds stopping shadowy figures in their tracks. 
I notice the cactus display roped off on the station concourse, a cactus display?
Big purple hair lady wanders past, face like thunder, off to work on her scheduled run. I'm approached by another woman hoping to pass conversation with me. With my ignorance I pretend not to understand when really I am kidding myself that I really don't understand that much of what she says.
By the time the train I need to catch has rumbled along the snowy lines to the platform, I'm ready to get out of this cold. I can't wait to sit down and hope for a pleasant journey in the newly  upholstered carriage. That is until I realize that I am probably the only passenger on the train going the full length of the journey on these cushion-less seats. Obviously these were made for shorter than 7.5 hour trips. 
Nevermind, I have a window seat and can wave to each station master as they religiously stand to attention outside on the platform of each station we pass, even in the depths of this snowy winter.

Further Note; I was expecting delays, even cancellations on the journey back last week after the last snowfall of this winter, no such problem as we raced back home. Despite any reservations with the aging service it got me from A to B and back to A, a 15 hour round trip, 2 minutes late.    

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