Saturday, February 2, 2013

What a boar!

For us it was like finding the yeti. Chasing in the footsteps of a creature we rarely see but do occasionally hear in the woodlands. Whilst fiddling to find a camera it is left to Harik, our smaller dog, braver and dafter than myself to scamper up to face what he probably had not witnessed before. Nose to nose until the shiny, glistening teeth from the boar smiled back, it became all to apparent to Harik to retreat and let our friend trot on towards the safety of the trees. Harik more than happy to show a little sign of wet relief (and not the only one!). 
After finally capturing a sharp enough picture we left the boar to wander out of view on it's bid for survival. Walking back to the cottage we  joked about our courage. Yet this was only a young and small pig compared to the type we see on the back of the hunter's truck. In years to come when we retell of what we saw our's will probably be exaggerated to that size too.

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