Thursday, April 18, 2013


Three weeks is a long long time in Havran. The sudden gush of several inches of snow at the beginning of the month has given way to yummy warm weather now. From snow shovels to sun cream, yippee!
But panic has spread. So much to do with no snow excuse! Lists of jobs made up during a cold evening one month earlier are being ignored as each day never want's to end with new missions to complete. 
For example it is a long standing battle we have with our mouse friends in the cellar on who should eat the apples first. We know there was a good harvest as we still have two crates to get through. But despite the Spring warmth our furry rivals haven't considered venturing further for food as yet from the evidence of the occasional nibble marks on the fruit. So a clearout was in order and a coy decision to move the un-touched fruit to our bathroom, the coldest place inside the cottage. If the mice want to continue biting their bits of apple they can find them now on the compost heap. This whole operation took an hour of the day to do it. It wasn't planned for and so it takes an hour away from what was planned. So far this week this has happened on numerous occasions. A neighbour friend gave us good advice the other day, don't expect to finish anything you have started out here in Havran. And with that we have decided to have a day off on Saturday.

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