Friday, May 3, 2013


Exhaustion and dirty finger nails, the traditional 1st of May potato crop is finally laid. 
April's wild transformation from knee deep snow to gloriously summertime sunny weather has kept us out of the confides of the cottage to the essential weed exterminating and precise sowing of seed for a new vegetable garden year.
I have to say I actually started writing this blog entry in April and only now on May 3rd with a little more time thanks to a morning thunderstorm that I am writing more!
Actually it is quite reassuring as I look out of the window that the garden is getting some essential rain. It also gives us both a little respite from the beautiful warm sunshine and April suntan.
Back to potatoes; Nine rows, twenty in each every foot apart, bed of ash for each and some scrumptious leaf mulch mixed in under each raked back heap, hay coverage on top. And now some more sunshine please. 

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