Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oil, rat and our cat

A less enticing day to work in the garden yesterday thanks to the less than normal climatic conditions, so a good excuse to start motoring through the remaining stacks of wood with the chainsaw..well at least I thought I would be doing so..
What we can only presume was a very thirsty rodent has found its way into the yummy lubricant and left it nearly dry. 
As the saw has only a spit or two left in its tank the wood stacks will remain for a day or two until our next shopping trip. 
What this oil will do to the creature is a mystery, can't be any good for them you'd think. And judging by the hole left in the container this animal was definitely desperate and had big teeth. 
Before I go on some breaking news today, a new arrival in the upstairs of the old hen house, Mici our cat is now a mum...more news later...

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