Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy birth day

3 kittens later and Mici is on the prowl once more. Funny thing was we were not sure she was pregnant until hearing her distressing meows called out on her birth day.
We had thought she was getting a little bulky around the hips that we had put down to her increased appetite for all things canned. 
And to see another cat within sight of Havran cottage is considerably rare and so the pleasant surprise of hearing the higher pitched kitten voices from the upper reaches of the hen house was a lovely treat to brighten up the disappointingly dark skies overhead. The rainbow was an added bonus to the day.
And now Mici (newly nicknamed 'Posh spice' thanks to her incredible slimline recovery from pregnancy) is claiming her authority once again with her newly formed support.    
At the same time we have chicks hatched in a hole in our cottage wall chirping constantly to grab the attention of mother blue tit. The timing could not be better for the arrivals in the hen house!


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