Sunday, June 16, 2013

Here comes the summer

Here comes the summer, well up until a few days ago it couldn't be said. Gloomy people were predicting more of the same washout weather we've just had which is not much good for our onions. But thankfully at the moment it seems they can eat their words as we wake to rays of sunshine with only the regular dew on the grass sparkling my attention to any dampness. We need this to persist now after the last couple of weeks of stormy downpours.
It's been quite a baptism to life for the kittens up in the old hen-house. The constant cracks of thunder and strobe-lightening affect bursting through the small glass panel on the roof above their nesting, quite a frighting occasion for all of us. 
Unfortunately one of Mici's little babies has not made it. Constantly it had struggled to feed and never was able to gain any of the growth that the other two had managed. This countryside has a habit of showing how beautiful the nature can be but also how cruel or rough it plays too. RIP little one. 

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