Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fuel gathering

I am being stared at, it wasn't my idea to paint the front door such a vibrant blue colour! 
Now that winter has drawn closer with the arrival of frosty white mornings and a steady flow of fallen leaf arrival for the composting area, wood has very much been the focus of our attention of the last couple of weeks. Even my excuse of a slightly sprained wrist which either came about from some manly task around the house or more likely I slept on it badly has not stopped the sweat and pain of pulling, cutting, slicing and stacking the timber for the essential warmth needed over oncoming months. This year has certainly been more difficult with our allocated space stuck in the ravine, not helped by the assisting mouthy neighbour who still won't take no for an answer. 
Two days ago we witnessed wood that had been stacked by another being stolen onto a trailer and racing off into the distance before we could gather evidence on a low Mb mobile phone camera. An evil smell of revenge enters my head if they lay a finger on our wood.

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