Wednesday, October 9, 2013

T-Mobile and Slovak Electricity

Many thanks for the typically terrible customer un-friendly service Slovak Telecom (T-Mobile)  and Slovak Electricity (S.S.E) have provided us over the last few days.
It unfortunately is pretty normal to have to bite your lip whilst talking to these cretins who have no knowledge on how to deal with a customer. 
When we had no internet working for a day or so in Havran, we took the internet box and laptop to a different location and as expected it worked. We go back home and it doesn't work. We visit our local T-Mobile shop to explain our situation. They follow procedure and ask to take the internet box from us to check if it needs repairing, even suggesting if it has been damaged.. We say the box works and that there is a problem with the signal. They say there is no reported problem with the signal in our area. We say we are reporting a problem with the signal in the area. They say that they can take the box away to check if it is working properly. We say just plug it in to find out. They were unsure whether to do this at first but finally relented. They see it works, good we think. They say that they can't help. We say thank you for your customer service. We get home and find the internet now working. Magic we say!
Slovak Electricity switch off our electric and all the surrounding area for today, tomorrow, and Saturday and maybe Monday too from 8am-6pm for essential maintenance. Great we say, nobody knew anything about this. Not true when Jana rings, it's written on their website! Most of our neighbours don't even have the internet.. Now we know we must not only check our email, facebook pages, etc everyday but also the S.S.E website, just in case they are about to switch our electric off. 6.05pm and still no electric switched on, Jana calls to ask why not. They say they have to switch it back on gradually. We ask why do they say electric off until 6pm then? They say it take's time. Ok then, we wait. 6.20pm and still no electric. We ring again. Same answer, in fact we can hear someone in the background feeding the answers to our increasingly angered customer service operator. We ask if we can complain to some department, but there is no one to complain to by phone, only by writing. Fortunately at 6.44pm we have our electrics back on, just before we were to ring again. We can blow the candlelights out and wait for another day of the same. 
We might mock the customer service in this country but it is never afraid to provide examples of how bad it can still be here.  

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