Sunday, March 24, 2013


Whilst waiting over night at the airport on my return to Havran last week it was again noticeable that I was only person without a computer, touchphone or whatever to play with. I don't miss all this but I had missed that David Bowie had re-incarnated. And that got me thinking of an old story of when we met one elderly couple in Slovakia who were convinced Mr Bowie was a distant cousin of their's.
With a smile on our faces and an occasional cough to hide any laughter we suggested we could find out if there could possibly be any element of truth in this. And after all David Bowie might like to know as well.
After some extensive research we did surprisingly come back with some music link. Alas it was not DB but an exiled obscure 1970's progressive rock guitarist who was also called David. 
Only muted celebration followed from the elderly Slovak couple when told this news. Nevermind, we were still asked if we were to bump into the said guitarist (or DB for that matter) please drop by Mr and Mrs Strapko. They would be happy to welcome you with a piece of homemade cake and a small tipple of homemade brandy, oh and Mrs Strapko's wheelchair wheel isn't turning very well and might need replacing. And Mr Strapko may need a new hearing aid, and the car isn't running too well, and..blah blah.
Whenever we pass that village now Ziggy Stardust "ground control to Major Tom" rings out in a poorly impersonated version of John Sessions "Stella Street" accent.   

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