Sunday, March 24, 2013

Driving me crazy

How to drive in Slovakia, (after extensive research and experience) 
- When driving, drive fast enough to catch the car in front before over-taking at any available or non-available opportunity even if you are about to stop in the next village or town.
- Over-taking on bends is allowed. 
- Whilst turning corners or parking you must only use one hand on the steering wheel to do so. What you do with your other hand is your business.
- Never acknowledge or give way to other road users including pedestrians on crossings.
- Beware of pedestrians as they might suddenly want to cross the road on crossings instead of waiting for you to pass.
- Over-taking of police cars is allowed.
- If you 'bump' your car or anyone else's in a car park it is not your fault.
- Always make sure you park at angle in a parking space, preferably over two parking spaces. This gives more room to open your car door as no one can park next to you.
- Over-taking of three to four cars is allowed and gives extra marks for outstanding handling.
- The law is to have your lights on all the time. If your headlights fail use your fog lights. Don't worry about fixing your headlights even if your fog lights blind other road users.
- Speed limit signs are just road decoration, ignore unless the traffic news on the radio is warning of police with speed cameras on your journey.
- Over-taking traffic in a traffic jam is allowed.
- Never put your handbrake on whilst parked. Leave in gear and if an Englishman gets in, have a little laugh as he forgets when trying to drive off in it and the car lurches forward and stalls.
- Do not pull over if your mobile phone rings, keep going and answer it, especially if you are over-taking a police car on a bend and approaching a pedestrian crossing with your fog lights on.

Good luck!


  1. I've seen a picture with comparison Austrian and Slovak drivers - first were driving straight when sober, Slovak when drunk. You know why? bcause of the bad condition of the roads.

  2. I did see that as well, but in all due respect the roads out here are not that bad just sometimes who uses them!