Thursday, March 7, 2013


Orange is not our favourite colour at the moment. 
After all the pumpkin we are happy to have moved onto greener vegetables and after a few recent issues with a well known mobile operator we both agree that orange is not our favourite colour right now.
Finally now that the snow melts and magically forms mud we have the opportunity to clear away more orange from our cottage. The orange debris is then scattered to improve the road surface which has suffered after another long hard winter coverage. Fortunately we don't mind driving over this orange.
In Slovakia people quite like their bright colour renders on their houses. There is a farmhouse within view which is painted loud mint green. It is not uncommon to see red splashed render houses, or yellow, we've even seen a frightening purple one. We don't get it, there's enough bright colour in the world already without having to put a 'coloured icing' on your house. Especially orange.  

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