Friday, March 1, 2013


After witnessing what grass finally looks like this week now the snow is finally giving up it sure feels like Spring has arrived. 
No more creative falls on ice which I have splendidly demonstrated this winter. 
Melting snow provides the newly formed streams that flow constantly down our eroding road. The slushiness last week was more difficult to navigate in the car than any frozen ice previous to that!
And there is no more pumpkin, the last splodge taken to compost heaven. Relief to eat something different. 
But then the old outside freezer decides to pack in. Having survived the whole winter of coldness it decides to give in just as the days become warmer! Panic, as our over stock of frozen vegetables and plums need to be re-housed. Suddenly we need the snow to stay and not melt around the huge cooking pot we have now standing outside in the most northerly shaded and snow-filled area! 

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